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What we offer is not only drones, but creative drones light shows and captivating storytelling. Pushing the boundaries of artistic performance to another level, Drones & Co. sparks the senses of the audience. Our strength is in bringing art and technology together to create something magical. Our mission is to translate our client's vision into reality, working closely with them to take their craziest ideas to another level.

DRONESandCO . Drone Light Shows


Our drones provide us with the tools to create state-of-the-artlight show drone solutions.
Our equipment is proven to offer the most versatile, longest flying and the brightest light show drone in the world. Chosen for their reliability and safety standard, our fleet is equipped with the LED technology that makes it visible from great distances.

The drones are powered with batteries that allows us to deliver your story in the sky for up to 15 minutes.

Why choose our Drones Light Shows?
We create Drones Light Shows for all types of budgets and events.


Our drones at the service of your project

Drones and Company - Drones Light Shows


From private gatherings, weddings, branding events and inaugurations to corporate events and large-scale projects, our team of designers will work with you to create a show tailor-made to your concept and make sure to impress your guests.

Drones and Company - Drones Light Shows


Our distinctive artistic approach is what we bring to the table. This is why we are proud to offer you our own drone light show creations. This option allows you to get the best of our creativity for your budget. It is ready to be delivered you wherever you are.


Immersive performance with drones music.
Santa Claus is asking the stars for help to prove that the magic of Christmas really exists and explains where we can find it. Stardust - Drone light show


Aurora is a girl who loves to walk, play and talk to animals, but she has noticed a problem: she has lost all her colors. Her clothes are grey, her skin too, her hair is no longer red and Aurora doesn't know what's going on. Sometimes we have days like this, colorless and gray.
But Aurora wants to do something about it.

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Drone Light Shows

Our outdoor drones are equipped with bright RGB pixel lights and deployed with one of the most reliable flight software, ensuring safety and flawless performance.

Our fleet can perform 3D shapes in the air and stunning choreographed sequences that will WOW the public and your guests.

The team

Hello! This is us

Vitor Machado, CEO - Drone Light Shows | Performance Drones Shows
Melanie Cagnon, COO - Drone Light Shows | Performance Drones Shows

Vitor Machado

CEO & Show designer

Vitor Machado, CEO & Artistic director, is renowned for his unique signature and artistic approach. The sky has been his playground for the last 25 years, bringing the some of the most astonishing pyrotechnic performances ever seen in Portugal and internationally as Artistic Director and partner of Grupo Luso Pirotecnia. Drones were the natural evolution for him and his many years of experience in performing multimedia shows, integrating several different technologies guarantee unique and fabulous spectacles.

Passionate, artistic, drummer, geek and father of two.

Melanie Cagnon

COO and Sales manager

More Portuguese than some Portuguese, Melanie, Canadian-born, moved to Portugal in 2003 to join the fireworks company as International Business Manager. Since then, she joined the circus, lived an Olympics adventure at Rio2016 and joined in the Eurovision frenzy to name just some.
Her experience in small- and large-scale events production as well as her sales experience will offer you the best behind-the-magic assistance.

Enthusiastic, home cook, music lover and future soccer mom.

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